Public Writing Workshop

Learn to write for public audiences.


Curious how your research can be communicated to the public? Have an op-ed in mind? Want to get published in a popular media outlet but not sure how? Join the Center for Civic Engagement’s virtual Public Writing Workshop for PhD students and post-docs!

Over the course of three sessions, participants are guided through the process of assembling, revising, and pitching a piece of public writing. The workshop taps the expertise of writers, reporters, and media specialists who offer advice on communicating to general audiences, writing a great hook, pitching editors, and building a professional network. You’ll also receive individualized feedback on your drafts from peers & experts.

You can find an outline of the workshop here. All sessions take place on Zoom.

The Public Writing Workshop is open to graduate students & post-docs from all disciplines.  Spots are limited — so register ASAP!

Published Work

Workshop participants have published in multiple venues. Here’s a selection of their work: