Teaching and research with a public purpose

Rather than treat civic engagement as merely extra-curricular, engaged scholarship integrates meaningful community involvement with teaching and research.

University-Community Partnerships

Through engaged teaching and research, scholars collaborate with community partners to further student learning and produce new knowledge. CCE encourages public scholarship by connecting scholars with local organizations, supporting curriculum development, and helping assure collaboration between the university and its surrounding communities is ethical, reciprocal, and robust.

Community-Based Learning

In addition to its own curricular offerings, CCE has supported a wide variety of courses including:

Faculty interested in integrating community-based learning into an existing class, or developing a new course, are encouraged to contact us. Read more about our Services.

Engaged Research

Engaged scholarship takes many forms, from collaborative research design to the creation of civic technologies and community-based artistic works. CCE has sponsored academic conferences, convened scholars and practitioners to share strategies for developing mutually-beneficial relationships, and produced research on civic engagement in higher education. Faculty interested in upcoming panels or workshops should join our mailing list.