A lifelong commitment to civic responsibility

Alumni go on to become the citizen leaders that make our communities move forward. CCE partners with alumni to help support their civic efforts and to create meaningful learning experiences for students.


Northwestern’s dynamic alumni network is an invaluable resource for current students seeking guidance and career options. For alumni, collaboration with current students can add a lot to the strength of their own organizations. The Center for Civic Engagement aims to enhance these connections—partnering civically-minded alumni with students who share similar passions. Here are some ideas for how to develop these kinds of partnerships:

Stay Connected

Community Partners

Partners in making positive change and supporting student learning

Community partners are vital collaborators in the effort to enhance student learning through experience, and to build healthier communities in strategic partnerships with the academy.


As a large, decentralized institution with three different campuses, it can be difficult for local organizations to know how and with whom to connect. While there’s no simple solution to this challenge, here are some suggestions for prospective community partners interested in exploring collaboration with the University:

Opportunities to Connect

Recent Partnerships

CCE strives to facilitate mutually-beneficial experiences for students and community partners, whether through public programming, experiential learning, or volunteer opportunities. Below are a few examples of recent partnerships: