CCE adds new team members

Meet Angela, Lindsay, and Ruth

CCE is excited to announce some staffing changes! Learn more about Angela Jones, Lindsay Wall Succari, and Ruth Curry below. In addition, Heidi Gross, CCE’s former Assistant Director, has moved into a part-time role managing business operations and special projects.

Angela M. Jones (she/her) Senior Program Coordinator

Angela M. Jones, she/her, is our newest addition! Originally from New York City, she earned her undergraduate degree at Knox College where she studied Sociology and a gender analysis of 20th-century American history, later complemented by a graduate degree from the University of Chicago in macro-level social work. Angela’s journey in civic and community engagement is defined by a profound commitment to fostering change and empowerment, making her a great fit for CCE.

Angela’s professional career has focused on developing strategic services, with a particular emphasis on children and families from historically marginalized communities. In her previous position with the Skokie Public Library, Angela had the privilege of organizing a worker’s union, a testament to her commitment to collective action. In addition, Angela has a background in public policy advocacy, primarily in the fields of education and workforce development, derived from a community-centric approach with an emphasis on the importance of understanding shared interests.

As a Senior Program Coordinator, Angela aims to strengthen the CCE team by enhancing our portfolio of services for the NU community and leveraging her professional strengths to contribute to the betterment of the community. In her first year, Angela is focused on successfully launching an expanded community-based work-study initiative and establishing strong relationships with students and key partners. One core value Angela weaves through her work is the desire to leave every person and place better off than before they encountered her. Her commitment to using her ability to do good in the world profoundly influences her work.

Lindsay Wall Succari (she/her) Assistant Director

Lindsay Wall Succari, she/her, is from rural Hampshire, IL. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and economics from Augustana College. Shortly after completing her undergraduate degree, Lindsay delved headfirst into the realm of civic engagement. Lindsay worked with the Appalachia Service Project and also served as a City Year Corps Member in Cleveland, Ohio, focusing on engaging with middle and high school students.

Afterwards, Lindsay pursued a graduate degree at Case Western Reserve University, where she obtained a master’s degree in social work, complemented by a Certificate in Nonprofit Management. With an impressive foundation of academic and practical experience, Lindsay’s path led her to Northwestern University, where she worked with the Center for Talent Development in various leadership roles from 2008-2022.

In August, Lindsay took on a new role as a co-Assistant Director at CCE. Lindsay is involved in managing several programs and systems. Lindsay plays a pivotal role in supporting the CCE Fellows program, Engage Chicago, Jumpstart, and AMPED. Lindsay’s primary goal is to help bolster the infrastructure at CCE and create a strong systematic foundation to support the exceptional staff team at CCE in their pursuit of programmatic achievements. Lindsay emphasizes the core value of building community and capacity. This value is not just a professional principle but a personal one as well. It underscores the importance of bringing people together who share a common goal, working collaboratively to achieve positive change.

Ruth Curry (she/her) Program Administrator for Community-Engaged Teaching, Learning, and Research

Ruth Curry, she/her, grew up on Chicago’s northwest side. Ruth’s connection with Northwestern University began in 2011 when she embarked on her doctoral studies. Ruth noticed a significant disparity between the intellectual rigor of her college years and the pressing, real-world issues within the city of Chicago. She was driven to bridge the gap between real world problems and academic theory in order to make her education relevant to pressing societal challenges.

Ruth’s goal of making a meaningful impact took her to CCE in 2019 as a post-doctoral Fellow, where she worked to promote community engagement among graduate students. After leading various CCE graduate program initiatives, Ruth has moved into a new role as Program Administrator for Community-Engaged Teaching, Learning, and Research. Ruth will design programs that connect academic expertise with social impact. She hopes to extend this work not only to graduate students but also to faculty members, with the overarching goal of promoting community-engaged work as a fundamental component of Northwestern’s educational and civic mission.

When asked about a core value that she consistently championed in her work at CCE, the answer was a relentless pursuit of knowledge from diverse sources. Ruth believes that wisdom is not confined to traditional, accredited expertise found solely within the university’s walls or individuals’ accolades but instead woven together by individuals from different walks of life.